26 Maggio 2024
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Ricerca e sviluppo

"The basis of any good project is to define the production process necessary to achieve the goal. This is why the initial feasibility analysis phase becomes the most important stage of the whole process.

Over the years, Galleno Plastica has improved its method of analysis with the aim of providing its customers with a team of professionals who, because of their training and experience, can minimise and anticipate any feasibility problems.

Each new project, whether developed by the customer himself or entirely entrusted to Galleno Plastica, is analysed from every point of view through two macro phases:


- Design
- Engineering
- Quality Control
- Modeling
- Production
- Logistics


Here the innovative approach of Galleno Plastica is most evident.
With the customer, we analyse the fields of application of the product in detail, especially evaluating aspects related to assembly and use: mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics; optimal inclusion of the part into the customer’s production line; and the combined action with other technologies present in the production. The classic supplier-customer relationship evolves to a higher level of partnership, in which the goals of Galleno Plastica become one with those of its customer."

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