23 Febbraio 2024
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Galleno Plastica

"Five partners who decided to combine their experience as employees in other vacuum forming companies founded Galleno Plastica s.r.l. in 1981. Though they opened a small company, they had great ambitions for the future. Their first plant was located in the small hamlet of Galleno, in the municipality of Fucecchio in the province of Florence.

The name of the company comes from the name of the village. Galleno Plastica s.r.l. grew quickly, driven by the passion and professionalism of its owners. After eight short years, in 1989, the first big step of growth took place with the transfer to the new industrial area of Ponticelli, in the municipality of Santa Maria a Monte. Here, with new production areas, technologically more advanced equipment, and strategic connections with main communication links, the company grew to more than 35 employees across several departments.

A new pavilion in the mid-1990s doubled the plant's space. Despite the expansion, constant growth pushed management to design a completely new space that could radically change growth targets and allow organisation of roles for the market of the third millennium. In 2009, all production departments were transferred to a newly completed, purpose-built facility with 5.500sqm of floor space.
A new generation of owners, children of the founding partners, marked the second rebirth of Galleno Plastica s.r.l.
Together with new employees, they raised the overall level of professionalism within the company. Moreover, a merger with the company Wale in Como brought a new path and defined a new corporate philosophy, whose main objective is the maximum satisfaction of the demands of an increasingly challenging clientele.
Research and development projects and optimisation of quality supported the classic production process of vacuum thermoforming. Services offered to the customer increased with the addition of departments for design, modelling, and integrated logistics. Gradually Galleno Plastica s.r.l. defined itself more with the intention of becoming a reference for every need of its customers.
Because of this corporate vision, Galleno Plastica s.r.l. was able to emerge unscathed from the great economic crisis that affected the whole world, including this industrial sector. The company still managed to grow and at the present moment boasts 56 people. In the next future it will extend its facilities over 1.200 square meters by building an additional production pavilion. At this stage, the aim is further increasing production and entry into new market sectors."

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