23 Febbraio 2024
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"At Galleno Plastica, we are aware that every job assigned to us is primarily an act of trust. That is why the primary objective of our logistics department is to satisfy our customers as much as possible by keeping their production lines efficient.

This involves a capillary organisation that begins with the procurement of raw materials, the organisation of production, and storage space in order to deliver according to the needs of the customer.
Over the years, we have designed our own international procurement systems, adapting them customer by customer. Kanban, just in time, b-to-b, forecast, integrated logistics, industry 4.0, warehouse and production in time, and supply chain protocols are handled daily by our management engineers.

The entire production structure within Galleno Plastica is organised according to the optimisation of material movement. This translates into reductions in cost and delivery time for the customer. Delivery batches reduce volume. This also allows intervening more quickly in any production changes between one delivery and another."

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