21 Aprile 2024
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In 2005, Galleno Plastica invested in constant improvement in every sector.

With the achievement of the international certification ISO 9001, the company devoted a continuous and constant attention to the improvement of production processes.

In addition to bringing the standards to a level equal to the highest in the industry, this results in reduction in overhead and greater reliability for our customers. Galleno Plastica also provides its customers with experience and expertise, thus increasing the implicit advantages of the choice of our production system.

Each production is analysed and controlled constantly by adapted rules and an innovative verification system. All our experience is available to the customer in form of advice on the production lines where our products are used.

This allows not only a significant reduction in overhead costs, but also the possibility for each customer to develop and improve his company. This makes it possible to achieve the most ambitious goal: mutual and constant satisfaction.

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